Marion High School Athletic Association and the Marion Giants Athletic Booster Club have joined forces to continue making a positive impact on Giants athletics long into the future!

As of May 2023, the Marion Giants Athletics Boosters is now a committee of the Marion High School Alumni Association.

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The infrastructure of MHSAA will allow the MGAB committee to continue to support Marion Community Schools through targeted giving and annual scholarships for athletes, as well as offer members fan perks, special advertising opportunities, and more. All funds earmarked for the MGAB committee will support athletic teams and programming at Marion Community Schools.

MGAB membership begins at $30, and all members are recognized in the Giants athletic magazine. Additional perks are included at higher giving levels, as outlined below:

  • 30-Club ($30): Name in program
  • 75-Club ($75): 30-Club + 1 parking pass, IHSAA presale tickets
  • 150-Club ($150): 75-Club + 1 additional parking pass, 1 hospitality pass
  • Purple ($200): 150-Club + 1 additional hospitality pass, arena screen mention
  • Gold ($500): Purple + 1 additional parking pass, 1 additional hospitality pass, arena screen slide, 4×3 arena sign, 3 Giant Passes
  • Giant ($1,000): Gold (excluding 4×3 arena sign) + 1 additional parking pass, 1 additional hospitality pass, 1 additional Giant Pass, PA mention at basketball game, 5 arena slides, video commercial, game sponsorship, 8×3 arena sign, halftime show

NOTE: Starting in 2023, members of MGAB will also be members of MHSAA (and will show up on both membership lists, based on their donation level)

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We are excited for this new chapter for MGAB!