Video archive now available to MHS alumni and friends

Patricia GibsonMHSAA News, Uncategorized

YOU can have a piece of Marion High School history in your hands thanks to the archiving efforts of Steve Wright!

Marion High School has a rich history of music, sports, theatre, and drama. We’ve been working on creating a digital video library of all the shows, games, and other media we can find so that you can have a piece of that rich history. This includes hundreds of hours of footage!

If you performed in a play, musical, band or orchestra concert in the Walton Center between 1984 and 2006, or if you played baseball or basketball in select years, there’s a chance your show was taped.

You now have the opportunity to relive that moment in time by purchasing your own thumb drive with the activity you were in.  Watch the video below for a taste of what’s available.

Contact Steve Wright at or 765-669-1855 for more information.